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Common information

metoprolol fumarate 100 mg

Metoprolol is metabolised through oxidation in the liver mainly by the CYP2D6 isoenzyme.

Metoprolol has improves cardiovascular outcomes in patients with stable chronic heart failure due to left ventricular systolic dysfunction, and in patients with ischemic or dilated cardiomyopathy.

Stopping metoprolol suddenly can make your blood pressure spike up.

To view other topics, please sign in or purchase a subscription. Tell your doctor right away if you have symptoms of high blood sugar such as increased thirst urination. The following dosage regimes are intended only as a guideline and should always be adjusted to the individual requirements of the patient. Both drugs are effective in treating people with high blood pressure and angina.

Metoprolol controls high blood pressure and angina but does not cure them. What side effects can this medication cause. High Alert Do not confuse Toprol-XL metoprolol with Topamax topiramate. Atrial Fibrillation Flutter or Supraventricular Tachycardia Off-label. People with certain health conditions should be aware of the risks when taking the drug, while others should not take it at all.

Side Effects

  • Clonidine (Catapres)
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Skin rashes
  • Constipation
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Paroxetine (Paxil)

Used for

  • Heart Attack
  • Heart Failure
  • Premature Ventricular Depolarizations
  • High Blood Pressure

Before using

Ask your doctor before use if you are taking the following medications:


  • Talk to your healthcare provider about the benefits and risksof treating depression during pregnancy.
  • Stop taking this medicine and tell your doctor if you become pregnant, or if you miss two menstrual periods in a row.
  • Presence of cardiovascular disease or instability, respiratory disease, liver disease, peptic ulcer disease, renal impairment, or hematological disorders Pregnancy.

Common dosage / Overdose

  • May take with or without food May be swallowed whole, chewed, or crushed and mixed with food.
  • This should then be swallowed without chewing the granules or pellets.
  • The dose should not exceed 150 mg every other day in these patients.
  • While these symptoms can occur at low doses, they occur more frequently and with greater severity with high potency and at higher doses of first generation antipsychotic drugs.
  • To achieve maintenance, doses may be increased by maximum of 100 mg every one to two weeks until optimal response is achieved.


When both are in short supply the symptoms of depression, in tandem often with insomnia, can occur.

Use with caution in patients with cardiovascular disease, asthma, glaucoma, diabetes, hypokalemia, hyperthyroidism, or seizures.

Heart attacks and strokes can be caused by blood clots and some types of surgery can increase the risk of blood clots developing in your body.

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Lower initial doses or slower dose titration of risperidone may be necessary in patients receiving metoprolol concomitantly. For more specific information, consult with your doctor or pharmacist for guidance based on your health status and current medications, particularly before taking any action.

Do not stop taking this medication without consulting your doctor.



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