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Signs of love spell

Signs and symptoms of love spell, love spelling

If you have visited the heading - signs of damage, signs of the evil eye and the removal of damage yourself, then we noticed that the advice is given directly to everyone who wants to determine at oneself the presence of these signs and get rid of defacement and evil eye yourself or with the help of a specialist.

Quite different situation with signs and symptoms of love spell. The beloved will never begin to look for these signs in himself, much less remove them from himself. All these signs are written for loved ones who can identify the presence of love spell and independently try to get rid of of these signs of love spell, and make a return of a loved one, respectively.

In exceptional cases, a bewitched person can assess soberly and adequately his condition, his actions. If this happens, then the bewitched asks his relatives to help him get rid of his obsession, he himself is unable to do it. There are also very difficult, atypical situations - to help in such difficult cases, we organized a special discussion on the forum.

Direct signs of love

Signs of love spell it is equally easy to determine - both men and women. Basically, bewitched not only do not ask their relatives to save them from love spell.

Love symptoms

On the contrary - if they get very annoyed, scandalous, if the family and friends are given an assessment of their behavior - there is a manifestation conspiracy. In general, for any occult negative, especially at the beginning, the manifestation of the first symptoms in the form of a slight psychological irritation is characteristic.

Even if the bewitched understand that they are doing something harmful for themselves and their loved ones, their reaction is inadequate. For example: “leave me alone, let it be, what will be. I am pleased with everything, I am happy as never before in my life. Do not dare disturb me even if I die tomorrow. Even a day, but mine. "

Direct signs of love (first sign love spell the most important) - in men and women - the following:

  • Inadequate assessment of the situation, complete unnatural disregard for their own interests, the interests of their children, parents, spouses, even if he fully agrees with the undeniable facts of infringement of their own interests.
  • High suggestibility from the object of adoration, the man idealizes his beloved, without noticing the flaws, speaks in her words, expresses her opinion and defends not his own, her interests, even in the case when his relatives indicate this directly. To no avail! Charmed with a "tin" look mutters his version.
  • Passionate desire for the object of desire, after sexual contact, a feeling of guilt, a desire to leave, at first, quickly go home, on the way thinking that this is his last visit to his mistress. But at home he cannot find a place for himself; the legs themselves carry him to her, the only one. In some cases, the bewitched ones even ask the wife for temporary care permission, hoping that everything will be settled so that he can pull himself together and return home. But it was not there!
  • A person is completely unable to control his aspirations and actions, to make decisions.
  • Sex with my wife ends, if per person is made Egilet, those. The ability to have sexual contact, only exclusively with those who are bewitched, with the wife - cannot be by definition, and also with other objects too. Even made an ordinary love spell, then sexual contact with the bewitched wife is extremely difficult, not convenient, trying to avoid performing marital duties.
  • Bewitched shows complete indifference to children, sometimes to parents if they are against his new hobby.
  • Bewitched considers himself happy next to a man, giving him only one problem and inconvenience, all kinds of risks.
  • Strictly stops the slightest criticism of a loved one, there is no objective assessment of a loved one.
  • Sexual desire for the object of adoration is obsessive.
  • Loss of self-esteem. Every kind of humiliation for fear of losing their love, because of this feeling of love and hate at the same time to a loved one.
  • Object of desire to become the center of the universe for the led, everything else that is not associated with it fades into the background.
  • A person before the executive and able-bodied suddenly cools the beloved work, work, business. He suffers losses or loses his job.

How well-behaved people change:

  • frequent mood swings, strong emotionality, sentimentality;
  • fatigue, poor sleep, erotic dreams with lovers;
  • depression, yearning;
  • sweating, heartbeat, heart pain;
  • there may be a desire suicide, if there are serious obstacles to reunion with the beloved;
  • craving for alcohol, even if it was not there before;
  • aggravation of alcoholism, if he was present before;
  • maybe early heart attack, early death;
  • soreness, fatigue, contentiousness, irritability, coming to his senses, realizes that he did poorly, but late, the train left!

This action on the destruction of the former family relations wife.

We hope that the data love symptoms will help you in time to carry out the ritual lapel - in business Return your favorite time plays a crucial role!. Hysteria and arranging scenes for the bewitched is useless - it will only aggravate the problem.

Indirect signs and symptoms of a love spell

  • The blows of fate: "black bar" - the loss of any kind, traffic accidents, breakdowns of home appliances, massive and for no apparent reason.
  • Loss or theft of precious things.
  • The sharp loss of health of the spouse, her inadequate behavior, irritability, anger. Often, the influence of damage goes exactly to her spouse, so that she with her own hands expelled her husband.
  • The presence of pads under the door or in the courtyard, in an apartment, in a secluded place, perhaps even in the marital bed, if the bewitched person brought his “love” home in the absence of a spouse.
Love symptoms

The purpose of the lining discourage bewitched from home, children, wife.

Stuffings are things, how to get rid of them is described in the heading " Removing damage yourself".

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