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Common information

nortriptyline hydrochloride 25 mg

Doctors may use nortriptyline in pregnant women if its benefits are deemed to outweigh its potential but unknown risks.

Therefore, before using nortriptyline, report all medications you are currently using to your doctor or pharmacist.

Nortriptyline may cross the placental barrier 8. Small amounts are excreted in feces via biliary elimination. Antimuscarinic effects upon binding to mAChR are responsible for various side effects of TCAs. A governmentally-recognized ID which uniquely identifies the product within its regulatory market. Continue to take nortriptyline even if you feel well.

Side Effects

  • Feeling Anxious
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Yellowing of the skin or eyes
  • Seizures

Used for

  • Migraine Prevention
  • Postherpetic Neuralgia

Before using

Ask your doctor before use if you are taking the following medications:


  • ACE inhibitors are contraindicated throughout pregnancy, except in cases of severe illness that cannot be treated in any other way.
  • However, discontinuation of the drug may be considered prior to and during pregnancy in individual cases if the seizure disorder severity and frequency do not pose a serious threat to the patient.
  • It is important to seek medical advice from your doctor if you get pregnant or plan to have a baby while taking this medicine, so that you can discuss the potential risks to the baby if you keep taking the medicine, compared with other treatments or the risks of stopping treatment.

Common dosage / Overdose

  • The recommended dose is 8 mg taken each day one to two hours before radiotherapy, with subsequent doses every 8 hours after the first dose for each day radiotherapy is given.
  • HIV drugs, reducing the number of pills that need to be taken.
  • It is taken orally, usually at least one hour before meals.


Females may be at increased risk of developing torsades de pointes.

Call for emergency help if you experience blurred vision, very fast or irregular heartbeat, wheezing, trouble breathing, skin rash, hives or severe confusion.

This drug can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure if you stand up too fast.

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If you suddenly stop taking nortriptyline, you may experience withdrawal symptoms such as headache, nausea, and weakness. There were suicides in the adult trials, but the number was not sufficient to reach any conclusion about drug effect on suicide. You should know that your mental health may change in unexpected ways when you take nortriptyline or other antidepressants even if you are an adult over 24 years of age.



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