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Common information

lamotrigine 100 mg

These effects are likely to contribute to the anticonvulsant properties of lamotrigine.

If you become pregnant while taking lamotrigine, call your doctor.

Skin rashes may develop within the first six weeks of taking lamotrigine.

Tell your doctor if you are taking valproic acid Depakene or divalproex Depakote because taking these medications with lamotrigine may increase your risk of developing a serious rash. When it comes to pregnancy, FDA has placed Lamotrigine in Category C which means that fetus is adversely affected in animal studies but the human studies are still not adequate. Pregnancy may also alter the effectiveness of Lamotrigine tablets, so your doctor may take samples of your blood to check the level of Lamotrigine tablets, and may adjust your dose.

If you take more Lamotrigine tablets than you should. Agranulocytosis, hemolytic anemia, lymphadenopathy not associated with hypersensitivity disorder. For children aged 2 to 12 years, the effective dose depends on their body weight - usually, it s between 1mg and 15mg for each kilogram of the child s weight, up to a maximum of 400mg daily. Few patients with severe renal impairment have been evaluated during chronic treatment with LAMICTAL.

The smallest available strength of LAMICTAL chewable dispersible tablets is 2 mg, and only whole tablets should be administered. The benefit of continuing treatment in patients who had been stabilized in an 8-to 16-week open-label phase with LAMICTAL was established in 2 randomized, placebo-controlled clinical maintenance trials see Clinical Studies.

Side Effects

  • Dry mouth
  • Earache
  • Sensitive To Light
  • Feeling Anxious

Used for

  • Schizoaffective Disorder
  • Migraine Prevention
  • Restless Legs Syndrome
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Epilepsy

Before using

Ask your doctor before use if you are taking the following medications:


  • This medicine may affect your developing baby if you take it during pregnancy.
  • The use of quinolones is restricted in growing children and during pregnancy because of their possible adverse effects on cartilage.
  • These adverse outcomes are usually associated with use of these drugs in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.
  • The drug is also found to be passed from dogs through breast milk, so it may not be recommended for dogs that are pregnant or nursing.

Common dosage / Overdose

  • However, several other investigators used doses as high as 500 to 1200 mg to achieve BP control.
  • In general, any added antiarrhythmic drug should be initiated at a lower than usual dose with careful monitoring.
  • PO q12hr for 3 sequential doses per week.
  • Lower than usual dosages are recommended for elderly patients and adolescents.


It is crucial however to complete the full course of any prescribed antibiotics for your dog unless advised by your vet to stop.

If pregnancy occurs while taking the pill, there is little risk to the fetus.

Difficulty breathing or worsening of your breathing problem.

Increases in etonogestrel levels have been attributed to elevated serum levels of SHBG induced by the estrogenic component of the pill.

In case of overdose, patients should be monitored and treated symptomatically in a closely supervised environment.

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It is available as tablets and dispersible tablets in various strengths. Pill Identifier Tool Quick, Easy, Pill Identification. In such cases, additional drugs may be administered to improve treatment response. The chewable tablets can be swallowed whole or chewed. Variability of clinical response makes establishment of an individualized therapeutic range beneficial in lamotrigine TDM.

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