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Common information

cephalexin hydrochloride 250 mg

Veterinarians often prescribe cephalexin to dogs with bacterial infections including skin, bone, urinary tract, respiratory, and other infections.

Cephalexin, an antibiotic in the cephalosporin family, is used to treat infections caused by bacteria.

There are no restrictions on food or activity during treatment with cephalexin unless otherwise directed by your veterinarian.

The zone size should be determined using a standardized test method 2,3. Taking them in combination may make these side effects worse. The most common side effects of cephalexin are.

Is cephalexin safe to take if I m pregnant or breastfeeding. In clinical trials, the most frequent adverse reaction was diarrhea.

Comment Omg within 5 min of taking this medication the first pill my lips swelled up, my chest got tight, hard to breath, my skin got extremely itchy ,corners r of my eyes are so itchy.

If experienced, these tend to have a Less Severe expression. Cephalexin is also sometimes used for certain penicillin allergic patients who have a heart condition and are having a dental or upper respiratory tract nose, mouth, throat, voice box procedure, in order to prevent them from developing a heart valve infection.

Side Effects

  • Abnormal Liver Function Tests
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

Used for

  • Bladder Infection
  • Acne
  • Skin or Soft Tissue Infection

Before using

Ask your doctor before use if you are taking the following medications:


  • And if you miss a day, the potential availability of an egg makes getting pregnant more likely.
  • Most of these women were also taking other asthma medications during their pregnancy.
  • Folic acid deficiency is known to occur in pregnancy.
  • Since adequate human reproduction studies have not been done with corticosteroids, the use of these drugs in pregnancy, nursing mothers or women of childbearing potential requires that the possible benefits of the drug be weighed against the potential hazards to the mother and embryo or fetus.
  • If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications or have any medical condition, consult your doctor before use.

Common dosage / Overdose

  • The dose for a child will depend on body weight and usually ranges from 3mg to 12mg per kilogram of body weight.
  • Some of the symptoms of an overdose may include agitation, disorientation, fainting, vomiting, difficulty breathing, fast and irregular heartbeat, blurred vision, shakiness and slurred speech.
  • Doses up to 10 milligrams may be needed, followed by a continuous infusion until sufficient drug is eliminated or removed from the body.
  • They should be swallowed in liquid and should not be chewed.
  • The following drugs also may increase the risk of muscle toxicity when combined with Lipitor.
  • In situations of less severity lower doses will generally suffice, while in selected patients higher initial doses may be required.


High blood pressure can lead to damage to internal organs.

High levels of lipids do not make people feel ill, but they can cause the problems mentioned above if left untreated.

The main concern is for children who need frequent courses, as it can have an effect on their growth and this will need to be monitored.

The risks are reduced when small doses are used for short periods of time.

To reduce the risk of dizziness, lightheadedness, or falling, get up slowly when rising from a sitting or lying position.

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The rash may be caused by a bacterial or fungal infection. Your doctor may order certain lab tests to check your response to cephalexin. Ingrown hairs may be caused by improper shaving, waxing, or blockage of the hair follicle. Cephalexin should be administered with caution in the presence of markedly impaired renal function. Cephalexin is an orally active first generation bactericidal cephalosporin.



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