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The list of web sites provided here is meant as a reference guide.  The sites provide information on many different areas of mental health, but their inclusion on our web site should not be construed as an endorsement by The Center for Psychotherapy, Inc.  Click on the sites for more information, then click on your "Back" button to return to our site.

General Information:

    American Psychological Association  Information on many mental health issues. Free brochures on several topics can be obtained from this site.

    American Psychological Association Practice Directorate  Online resources, brochures, tips, and articles on many mental health issues.

    American Psychiatric Association  Information about mental disorders and their treatment.

    Psych Central  Articles written for consumers as well as a list of newsgroups, mailing lists, and Web sites.

    Knowledge Exchange Network  This site offers information about mental health and mental health services, sponsored by the Center for Mental Health Services of the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

    Psychology Information Online  Information about the practice of psychology. Includes information about the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders, psychological testing, and forensic psychology.  The site also maintains a database of licensed psychologists broken down by geographical area.

    Mental Health InfoSource  Large selection of information on mental illnesses and their treatments.

    Medscape  Patient Education Materials

    At Health  At Health includes information on specific disorders and articles written by a wide variety of professionals. The site also includes a practitionerís directory, regularly updated newsletters, and self-help stories.


Children's Issues:

    CHADD  Children and Adults with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder.  Resources for individuals with ADHD.

    Adults and Children Together Against Violence  This site is aimed at reaching adults who raise, care for, and teach children ages 0 to 8, dedicated to providing practical help to stop violence against children.

    Parents Med Guide Advice for parents for making the best decision for a child or adolescent diagnosed with depression.

Pervasive Developmental Disorders:

    WrongPlanet  A web community designed for individuals with Asperger's Syndrome, Autism, and other pervasive developmental disorders.  Chatroom, forum, and links to other sites.

Depression and Mood Disorders:

    Depression Screening  Visitors to this site will find a confidential screening for clinical depression from the National Mental Health Association.  It is not meant to substitute for a professional evaluation.

    Families for Depression Awareness  Information about support groups.  Provides a forum for family members to find out how to seek and manage treatment.

Anxiety Disorders:

    Anxiety Disorders Association of America  Information on what anxiety disorders are as well as many consumer resources.

    National Center for PTSD  Information on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) including diagnosis and treatment.

Women's Issues:

    National Women's Health Information Center  Directed toward girls ages 10-16 to address their health and emotional issues.  

Men's Issues:

    Men's Mental Health Resources  Links from to various resources regarding men in relationships, parenting roles, etc.

Facility Directories:

    New England Hospitals  Annotated list of most public and private facilities in New England which provide psychiatric services.  Courtesy of The New England Psychologist.

    New England Residential Schools  Annotated list of residential schools in New England which provide psychiatric services.  Courtesy of The New England Psychologist.

Personality Disorders:

    Center for Dialectic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  A treatment resource in New Haven County.  Groups and individual treatment are available.

Addictions and Substance Abuse:

    Alcoholics Anonymous  Information on AA including on-line resources and meeting directory.

    Gamblers Anonymous  Information on GA including on-line resources and meeting directory.

    Al-Anon/Alateen  Information on AlAnon & Alateen including on-line resources and meeting directory.

Grief and Loss

    The Cove  Information on supports for children and adolescents who have suffered the death of a family member.  Support groups in Connecticut and referrals to grief therapists.

Family Support:

    Mental Health Association of Connecticut  Information on support groups, respite care programs, mental health coalitions, and workshops.

    National Alliance for the Mentally Ill  Information oriented toward the biological basis of severe mental disorders including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression.

Sleep Disorders:

    National Sleep Foundation Information on sleep disorders and sleep hygiene tips.

Commercial Products:

    The Sunbox Company  This commercial site provides information on ordering their full spectrum light boxes.

    Northern Light Technologies  This commercial site provides information on ordering their full spectrum light boxes.


    Needy Meds  A resource for people who cannot afford medicine or other healthcare costs; information on more than 600 programs.

    Drug Digest  Drug Digest is a site that provides a searchable drug and herb database. Itís written in plain English and explains what each medication is used for, how it works, common side effects and interactions, how it should be taken, etc.

Referral Sources

National Register  Online referral directory for psychologists - find a psychologist certified by the National Register of Health Care Providers in Psychology.

For current patients:

    Care Paths  Assessment tools for current patients of Dr. Fisher.  Requires login and password.

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